Plug in, charge and go; is it really that simple? With a greater than ever focus on greener driving, selecting an electric car could be the answer to environmentally-friendly driving - with a host of economical advantages.

How do they work?

Electric cars can usually be plugged into a standard socket. For the ultimate in cost-effective charging, plug it in at night to tap into cheaper electricity tariffs. Charging time usually takes between 6-8 hours.

Some of today's most popular models include the Nissan Leaf, BMW i3 and Renault Zoe.

The benefits

  • running costs are low at around 3p per mile, free UK road tax and no London congestion charge
  • great for the environment with a much lower CO2 level than conventional vehicles
  • electric motor means they're smoother and quieter to drive than conventional engines
  • charging infrastructure in now being put in place to make longer journeys possible.

The pitfalls

  • electric cars are more expensive to buy than a comparable petrol car
  • off-street parking, a drive or a garage is required for charging
  • driving mileage needs to be under 100 miles a day.

Do electric cars spark your interest?

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