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At AFS, our leasing experts are on hand to guide you through the process making it as simple, quick and stress-free as possible - whether you want just one car or a fleet.

Leasing - an at-a-glance guide:

1) set the scene:

- we talk to you, or the drivers in your company, to find out what your aspirations and needs are, including what your driving lifestyle is like

2) deliver the solution:

- our experts create the ideal car solution for you or your team with budget, practical requirements and driver's needs in mind

3) try before you lease:

- to fully determine if a car is right for you, there's nothing like getting behind the wheel. That's why we arrange demonstrators or a loan car for our customers to try

4) signed and sealed:

- costs and terms are outlined and agreed, paperwork is prepared, and the dotted line is signed

5) delivered:

- your new lease car, or fleet of cars, is delivered to your door.

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