Do hybrids hold the key?

An electric engine motor combined with a petrol or diesel engine; surely hybrids offer the best of both worlds? Hybrids have been on our roads for over a decade now and there are a wealth of models available from some of motoring's biggest brands.

How do they work?

The majority of hybrid cars are part electric battery and part petrol or diesel engine. Unlike electric cars, hybrids use regenerative charging - when the brakes are applied, the engine transfers some of its power back into the battery. This means there's no need to plug the car in to charge it.

Popular models include the Toyota Prius, Hyundai Ioniq, Kia Nero and the iconic BMW i3 and i8.

The pitfalls

  • unlike an electric car, hybrids don't need charging
  • cost more to purchase than a 'conventional' car
  • servicing and repairs may cost more
  • not ideal for long distance driving

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