Want a new car without worrying about hefty down payments or depreciation?

Leasing a new car - whether it's for you or your team - offers the best of both worlds: you can drive the latest make and model at an affordable price and, with AFS, benefit from the wide range of support services we offer.

Why AFS?

You'll find countless car leasing companies online; so what makes us different? Our service is hassle-free, upfront and cost-effective - as well as being flexible.

We keep our promises and provide a made-to-measure service throughout your lease. And, there are no nasty surprises at the end of your contract with bills for minor repairs or servicing work.

Best for your business

We know that company cars are essential for your business to succeed - so too is a professional service and a fleet that performs as well as your team; that's where we can help.

Want to know more about our honest, open and refreshingly customer-centred approach to vehicle leasing?

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Found your financing method?

Whether you know which option you want or require some expert assistance,AFS can help get the wheels in motion.
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