Cost, carbon emissions, convenience - what matters the most to you?

Long gone are the days of having only petrol or diesel engines to choose from. Drivers are now faced with the additional dilemma of electric and hybrid cars.

At AFS, we offer car types for every budget, lifestyle and purpose - whether you're leasing for business and want low CO2 emissions to reduce financial liability or you need a car for your growing family and want an economical but spacious option.

So what's the difference between the four car types?


Petrol engines are becoming ever more economical and are, on the whole, quieter than diesel - as well as being cheaper to buy. But they're best for drivers who don't clock up too many miles and predominantly drive in urban environments. Petrol engines do produce more CO2 than diesels but petrol engine technology is becoming increasingly refined so they look set to become greener than ever.


Electric cars are riding high in the popularity stakes thanks to a better reputation, more choice and a constantly-improving recharging network. They obviously boast low emissions however if you clock up the miles, consider carefully if electric is for you as the mileage range is limited. Business drivers may like to know that company car tax rates for electric cars are the lowest available and fuel costs are minimal too.

Going green?

The truth is that every type of car produces emissions - but some are clearly 'greener' than others, especially as certain cars are now made using recyclable components.

Choosing the right type of car can be confusing; but AFS can help. We'll work with you to determine your priorities and identify what type of driving you do.

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